Jesus and Leadership Books


Christians all over the world have a call to emulate their leader; Christ. Christ leadership was evident all over the world, and he was a good leader. Most of the leaders today use various principles and guidelines to lead others. They may follow what other successful leaders. They may read motivational books and attended leadership events. All these all intended to help the leader ensure unity of the team and provide leadership that is effective. There are bound to arise challenges in the course of the leadership. However, a good leader should look for help when such situations arise. Some leaders might want to hide the problem instead of solving it. This makes things worse. Christian leaders can learn from Jesus.


Jesus was a leader who was concerned for the welfare of his followers. You remember when they were hungry, he could give them food. He could not ignore their basic needs. Likewise, a good leader should not ignore both the physical and emotional needs of his followers.  The Jesus ion leadership book is meant to guide Christian leaders in learning how to provide for their teams. This ensures that the team members are confident about the leadership provided. Know about effective delegation here!


 Jesus used wisdom when making decisions. For instance, he was once asked by his disciples whether it was good to pay tax. He responded to them by telling them to give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and God what belongs to God. If you read the Jesus on leadership book, you will learn how to solve complex and straightforward problems using wisdom.  The book has explanations and illustrations that will make you confident, become an excellent arbitrary of disputes, offer solutions to problems and so on a manner that is unquestionable and clear.


 As a leader, you are expected to lead as an example. You cannot preach water and drink in. This is why you need to learn the work ethic and apply them in your daily activities. It will then be accessible to lead others in folding the work ethics since they can learn them directly from your actions. Remember that your actions are visible to the juniors, seniors, corporate partners and the public. They expect you to have the highest moral standards. You can be sure to learn how to stay in good light be reading the Jesus on leadership book. Learn how to lead like Jesus. Know about Jesus and leadership here!